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Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
states consulate in benghazi that killed the united states ambassador and three others. the state department is accused of ignoring pleas from its diplomats and libya to increase security in the months and weeks before the attack. it denies that and blames republican cuts in the security budget. other court proceedings in washington. this one for the man believed for the man behind the film. he was arrested about two weeks ago for violating his probation. his convicted of federal bank fraud in 2010. he is accused of eight violations, including lying to his probation officer, and using aliases. switching gears, the great pumpkin farm and new york held its fall festival this year with a 1000 pound pumpkin smash into the ground. people competed to when the gift card. all that had to do is find the most plastic. -- the most plastic coins inside pumpkin that. and a link between diabetes and certain cancers. that in this afternoon's medical alert. >> we are keeping an eye on the front moving to the northeast. it will bring significant drops in the temperatures. first, and live look down
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in prison. with health care reform behind them, the united states supreme court begins a new term with potentially explosive topics on the agenda. the high court is expected to tackle affirmative action, gay marriage, and voting rights. one of the first cases will focus on the university of texas and the use of race to fill classes. still to come, a look at the dangers of electrical power strips. what you need to know before using what in your home or office. >> next up, we will focus on the radar as we watch the next batch of rain in its way into maryland. first, a live look at ocean city from the grand hotel. >> no doubt you remember the megamillions craziness from april when a mcdonald's employee claimed to have the winning ticket but never produced it. 14 of her co-workers that were part of the lottery pool are suing her, claiming that not only did she have the winning ticket, but she and her lawyer came up with the and elaborate plan to have the three public school teachers come forward to attending to be the winners to throw everyone else off. lottery officials left after he
Oct 18, 2012 12:00pm EDT
include festivals throughout the united states. yesterday, we reported that home builder confidence had hit a six year high. it seems home building is catching up as well. on construction hit a four year high last month, up a whopping 15% from august. affordable housing has combined with lower unemployment to help improve home sales. foreclosures have also fallen to their lowest point in five years. >> now, your insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> in nice -- a nice, mild day just like yesterday. just coming into west virginia, as some rain shower activity combined with a cool front. there is a big storm over the great lakes. there will be rain coming in from the west and the south. it is not evident now on the picture. we have a few scattered crowds -- clouds around the area. we have not had a good bank, hard freeze in the city appeared -- a good, hard freeze city yet.vie temperatures are very nice. inperatures in the 50's out far western maryland. a few more clouds. elevation has to do with that too. all in all, a fairly mild temperatures. here is the satell
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3